112 North Green Street

Alcatrazz was a popular teen juice bar in the 1990s. Some of the featured DJs included Luis Segura, Diamond Boy Dito, Philip Delamora, and Mr. Wonderful. The club also hosted reunion parties for Medusa’s and The Reactor that featured DJs like Rush, Armando, and Pharris Thomas. Like other teen juice bars that came before it, Alcatrazz was negatively effected by the introduction of a city ordinance requiring juice bars to obtain special use permits. Ald. Ted Mazola of the 1st Ward introduced the ordinance as a response to continued noise compaints. “[J[uice bars, like waste-transfer facilities, group homes and other institutions categorized as special uses, [were] required to provide parking for 10 percent of their customers and to be approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals.” Notably, the ordinance had the support of other alderman in wards where juice bars like Power Plant and Medusa’s were encroached on by residential developers.

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