Wax Trax!

2449 North Lincoln Ave

Partners Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher opened Wax Trax! on Lincoln Avenue in 1978, just in time to witness the ritualized death rites of disco at Comiskey Park. Their Wax Trax! record label, established in 1981, was committed to releasing “uncompromising and aggressive” material that might not have a shot on a major. Its biggest commercial success story was Cuban-born Al Jourgenson’s Ministry, a band nominated in 1992 for a Grammy in the best metal performance category. After the label was sold in 1992 to TVT, a new store opened up briefly on Damen.



Shopping at Wax Trax!

DJ Lora "Lori" Branch remembers taking the train up to Lakeview to purchase records in the early 1980s with her friend Jean-Pierre Campbell.

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