Cesar Chavez

Born on March 31, 1927, near Yuma, Arizona, Cesar Chavez is probably one of the most recognized and acknowledged member of the Chican@ Civil Rights Movement. Through first-hand experience, Chavez recognized the racial inequalities and discriminations Mexican – Americans suffered in their education and careers.  In 1946, at the age of 19, he joined the U.S. Navy and served for two years while the Navy was segregated by race. When he returned, he married Helen Fabela and settled down within Delano, California and had 8 children. In 1962, Chavez and Dolores Huerta founded the United Farm Workers to unionize Latin@ and immigrant farm workers to obtain fair treatment, wages, and conditions. Chavez sought to end the maltreatment of Mexican Americans through nonviolent protest.

Written by~Amy Hernandez


Cesar Chavez Visits Denver

On February 12, 1973, Cesar Chavez stopped in Denver on his way to Chicago and Boston to speak to groups about the recent lettuce boycotts. Exhausted and three hours late, Chavez spoke to over 2000 Chican@ supporters in the gymnasium at St. Andrew Avelino Seminary. According to John G. White at the Denver Post, the large number of supporters resulted in  Chavez splitting the group into two waves where he delivered speeches and anecdotes concerning the recent huelgas (strikes) and played the film "Si Se Puede". ~Amy Hernandez

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