Giovanni Ponti

Gio Ponti was a famous Italian architect and artist who made his debut in the art scene in the 1920’s after his short stint in the military during World War 1. Ponti’s growing fame lead many cities from Hong Kong to Caracas to send in commissions requesting his design for new and cutting edge buildings.  The only finished Ponti building within the United States of America is in Denver, Colorado.  Ponti was known for his sense of progressive design which also reflects in his other art forms.

Written by: Kaleigh Coleman



Gio Ponti designs the North Building at the Denver Art Museum

Gio Ponti had just became a major player in the architecture community when he was asked to design the new expansion for the Denver Art Museum in 1971.  He collaborated with local Colorado architects Joal Cronenwett and James Sudler to create the bold new look for the museum.  The castle aesthetic that the designers planned was to break out of the traditional mold which we expect museums to fall in.  This new cutting edge addition to the Denver art world legitimized Denver's status in the global art community, which has continued to grow since.   Written by: Kaleigh Coleman

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