Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey was born in Michigan on November 6, 1948 and died on January 18, 2016. Frey started studying piano at the age of 5. He switched over to playing guitar so he could be part of the Detroit rock scene. He moved to California in 1968. Frey was in the band The Eagles. The Eagles made multiple appearances in Colorado. He was a singer/songwriter and best known for being the founding member of The Eagles.


-written by Kathryn Gaskin


The Eagles at Red Rocks

The Eagles appeared at Red Rocks Amphitheater. They were performing at the theater in 1975. By performing at Red Rocks, it means that this band was starting to get very well known because that particular venue is very large. Colorado was the first place that the Eagles felt like a real band which has made the connection with Colorado so strong. Glenn Frey always wore his University of Colorado t-shirt when he performed. Many band members bought houses in Aspen because Colorado felt like a home to them.   -written by Kathryn Gaskin

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