Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini is one of the fathers of modern illusionists. His ability to become a global superstar using only his body and his magic tricks. Repeatedly doing the impossible he made a living on doing things others thought was impossible. Harry Houdini did a tour of the state traveling around Denver and the rest of the state of Colorado. Famously in one event he was chained above the Denver Post and had to escape. Houdini’s artistry was second to none as he was a on the fore front paving the way for future magicians to come.


Harry Houdini performed at the Ogden Theatre

When the Ogden Theatre opened in 1919 by John Thompson one of the first performers to grace the stage was the legendary Houdini. Throughout the early 1900s Harry Houdini was traveling around performing shows. Now the Ogden theatre is a Denver historic landmark.

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