Harry Tuft

Harry Tuft was one of the most influential people to contribute to the Denver music scene during the 1960’s and 70’s.  He is a multitalented musician who took an interest in the folk scene when he moved to Colorado in 1960 from the East Coast.  This interest lead him to create the Denver Folklore Center in 1962, which soon became one of the hot spots for touring musicians because of Tuft’s connections within the business.  He was also a part of several music ventures including a few solo ventures and his group “Grubstake” with two other musicians, Steve Abbott and Jack Stanesco in 1972.


Written by: Kaleigh Coleman



Harry Tuft opens the Denver Folklore Center

Harry Tuft opened the Denver Folklore Center in March of 1962.  Just two years after he had emerged on the folk scene, he wanted to create an environment for musicians (and listeners alike) to engage with one another.  The opening of the organization was huge success during the 60's and 70's and all of the greats were noted on visiting at some point in their career (Bob Dylan and Judy Collins to name a few.)  The word spread so far that even famous rock and rollers even started stopping by to see what Denver's music scene had to offer.  Tuft and the Folklore Center are one of the main reasons why Joan Baez got her show at Red Rocks in 1964, because of his influence in the music community.  The Denver Folklore Center still exists today, but at a different location opened in 1993.  The store now stands at 1893 South Pearl Street in Denver, where visitors can come in an chat with Tuft to this day.   Written by: Kaleigh Coleman

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