Jess E. DuBois

Jess DuBois has been a long time landscape and portrait painter of the mile high as he has been passionate about his artwork for many many decades. He served 4 years in the marines from 1952- 56 as he says it was something that he felt he had to do. He studied at the Art Institute of Colorado and was apart of the school’s first graduating class in 1957 and is now a member of the institutes hall of fame. He is famous and well known for specializing in landscape and portrait work and still continues to work on this daily.

Written by: Christian Powell


Jess DuBois fashions a studio in the lobby of Ramada Inn

He created an art studio in the lobby of a hotel, the Ramada Inn, due to a flood from a busted pipe which caused all of his work getting destroyed in his previous studio. This remains right down the street from the Rossonian Hotel where he would watch some of the jazz world's titans play. In this studio, he also created hundreds of more pieces of artwork as he has packed the room with many variations of work that he has completed. Some of his pieces included portraits of children and adults as a representation of his cherokee heritage, portraits of jazz musicians performing, and landscapes of the mountains. Written by: Christian Powell

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