Joan Baez

Joan Baez is an American folk singer and activist from New York.  She became wildly popular in the 1960’s when she began incorporating political issues into her melodies in order to spread a catchy message to listeners.  Her fame took her to even grace the cover of Time magazine, which was extremely rare for a musician to do at this time and secured her popularity in folk music.  She has been linked to other greats such as Judy Collins and Bob Dylan as well as being one of the musicians to perform at the famous Woodstock festival in 1969.  She was very involved in civil rights movements, anti war, and LGBT movements during these years and still remains active to this day.

Written by: Kaleigh Coleman



Joan Baez performs at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Joan Baez performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater in the summer of 1964 a few years after her Time magazine cover launched her into stardom. The store was also a year after performing at the March on Washington with Bob Dylan in 1963, which was one of her first major activist events.  She was beginning to make quite a name for herself, and was shifting the role musicians played in politics.  Her show at Red Rocks was also around the same time that the Beatles also played the venue, which even further legitimized her importance to the music scene.   Written by: Kaleigh Coleman

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