Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith a native of Oklahoma born on July 11,1911, moved to Denver in 1936 where he soon became an important member of the five points community. In 1939, he obtained a property¬†and turned it into a record store and sporting goods store. Rhythm Records and Sporting Goods quickly started gaining traction in the community, and Leroy Smith capitalized on this newfound recognition. Leroy was a trailblazer soon becoming one of the first african american disk jockeys on the radio, having his own midnight show “Rockin with Leroy” which became a hit in the community. Leroy soon got into the entertainment industry becoming friends with the likes of Muhammad Ali, James Brown, Nat King Cole, Fats Dominoes. Leroy Smith was a light of his community, as he once ran for a councilman seat, and received a honorary citation from the Governor of Colorado Roy Romer.

Leroy Smith and Rhyme Record and Sporting Goods

Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s Leroy Smith was one of the first african american disk jockeys in the country. With Denver growing exponentially Leroy capitalized on the growing african americans moving into his community. Leroy's "Rockin with Leroy" show was a huge success and it all started from him purchasing air time on local radio stations such as KIMN and KFEL.