The Doors

In a time where the exploration of peace and love was thriving, one band wasn’t afraid to delve into the dark corners of poetry. That band was the Doors, a Los Angeles based group¬†that formed in 1965 and whose music is unmatchable¬†to this day. The band came together when its singer, songwriter and frontman, Jim Morrison, ran into Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist, on Venice Beach after being acquainted at UCLA. Manzarek asked Morrison to join his band at the time because of the strength of his poetry even though he wasn’t a singer. John Densmore, the drummer, and Robby Krieger, the guitarist, were recruited soonafter. The band went on to create music that blurred the lines of genre, from rock and folk to pop and blues, and plunged them into the hearts of their listeners through Morrison’s poetry. The quartet released six albums as well as a live album and compilation before Morrison’s death in 1971. The remaining trio released two more The Doors albums, as well as a set of tracks they composed to accompany a 1969 recording of Morrison’s poetry. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

Written by Jonina Diele


The Doors at The Family Dog

In 1967, The Doors played a series of New Years shows at The Family Dog on the 29th, 30th, and 31st. The openers for the show were The Allmen Joy and Gingerbread Blu, and included a light show, as did most concerts at The Family Dog. The concert was the only public New Year's Eve performance The Doors ever gave. A local at the time recalls attending the show, noting that it was a special one: "it was quite a night, being New Year's Eve, and for the countdown, the light show (Diogenes Lantern Works) posted a 'live' analogue clock on the wall around 11:55pm while The Doors were playing 'When the Music's Over' - and Ray & Jim somehow manage to time it so that when the clock hits midnight - Jim is at the climax and screams "We want the world and we want it ... NOW!" - Talk about 'Happy' New Year..." - Jim Parker Written by Jonina Diele

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