Colorado State Capitol Building

200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203

The Colorado State Capitol building sits in the heart of Denver. It has been a gathering place for political and historical events, not only inside... Read More »

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Crusade for Justice Center

1567 Downing Street

The Crusade for Justice was an activist organization part of the Chicano Movement. Denver played a critical role in the movement, making it a prime... Read More »

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Denver Auditorium Arena

14th and Arapahoe

The Denver Auditorium Arena was an outdoor arena that opened on July 7, 1908. This arena fit 12,500 people. At the time of its opening, it was the... Read More »

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Denver Five Points

Five points is an area of neighborhoods that established its boundaries around the perimeters of Washington street, 27th street, 26th ave, and Welton... Read More »

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Denver Folklore Center

608 E 17th Avenue

The Denver Folklore Center opened in March 1962 at its first location on 17th street in Denver.  By the 1970’s, the Denver Folklore Center... Read More »

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East High School

1600 City Park Esplanade

East High School is one of the oldest and biggest high schools in the Denver metropolitan area.  It was built in 1926 after “Old East High... Read More »

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Ed Dwight Studios

3824 Dahlia Street

Ed Dwight studios is located in Denver where he focuses a lot of his artwork and sculpting primarily on black work. It was built and established in... Read More »

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El Chapultepec

1962 Market Street

El Chapultepec is one of Denver’s greatest treasures. Opened in December of 1933, right after prohibition was repealed, “The... Read More »

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El Grito de Aztlan

1567 Downing Street

Established in 1968, El Grito de Aztlan was Denver’s first Chicano art gallery. The Crusade for Justice Center shared its location with the... Read More »

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Elitch Gardens Theatre

4655 W 37th Avenue

Originally built in 1890 Elitch Gardens Theatre has withstood the test of time. Now organizations such as the city are working on keeping it standing... Read More »

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La Alma Recreation Center

1325 W 11th Avenue

La Alma Recreation Center is most clearly a place for the fitness and health of its members, but also brings together the surrounding community... Read More »

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Manual High School

1700 E 28th Avenue

Opened in 1892, Manual High school was one of the first to admit and educate women and African Americans in Metro Denver. Situated in the Whittier... Read More »

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McNichols Sports Arena

1635 Bryant St.

McNichols Sports Arena was located in Downtown Denver. It was completed in 1975 and cost $16 million. In the renovation in 1986, more seats were... Read More »

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Mestizo-Curtis Park

31st Avenue & Curtis Street

Curtis Park, Denver’s oldest residential neighborhood, is a place rich in diversity and community. Mestizo-Curtis Park, Denver’s oldest... Read More »

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Mile High Stadium

2755 West 17th Avenue

Mile High Stadium was built in 1948 originally as a baseball stadium meant for the Denver Bears minor league baseball team. The Denver Broncos... Read More »

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Museo de las Americas

861 Santa Fe Drive

In April 1991, Jose Aguayo, Magdalena Aguayo, Ramon Kelley, Ramona Kelley, Emanuel Martinez, Maria Lupita Martinez, Rebecca Arellano, and Remigio... Read More »

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Neal Cassady’s Childhood Home

2558 Champa Street

This is one of the places where Neal Cassady grew up in his early years in Denver. This the home that he and his family lived at which his father... Read More »

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Ogden Theatre

935 East Colfax Avenue

Originally opened in 1919 it was a theatre that had a wide range of acts from music to dances to recitals. It was a space for those in the community... Read More »

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Red Rocks Amphitheater

17598 W. Alameda Pkwy.

Red Rocks is a very unique theatre. It was naturally created when the rocks raised up to form the walls of the amphitheater. The theater is located... Read More »

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Regis College Fieldhouse

3333 Regis Blvd.

The Regis College Field House was built in 1960 and is a small venue that only seats 1,800 spectators. It now serves as the home for college... Read More »

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Sun Valley Housing Projects

West 9th Ave. and Bryant St., Denver, CO 80204

Sun Valley is Denver’s poorest neighborhood, but plans exist to stimulate growth and revitalize the area. The housing projects, which... Read More »

    The Exodus

    19th and Lincoln st, Denver, CO

    The Exodus was one of Denver’s most prominent nightclubs for its folk scene in the middle of the 20th century.  They had a level referred to... Read More »

      The Family Dog

      1601 West Evans Avenue, Denver, CO

      The Family Dog is an obscure gem in Denver history. The club was only open for about a year, but in it’s short life, it housed the acts of many... Read More »

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      West High School

      951 Elati Street Denver, Colorado 80204

      In 1886, students in Denver Public Schools were separated between East and West High Schools and was for a time known as Franklin High School. Many... Read More »

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      Whiteman family home

      135 Logan Street

      This one of the Whiteman’s many homes. They moved frequently around the city of Denver. Written by Christian... Read More »

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