Crusade for Justice Center

1567 Downing Street

The Crusade for Justice was an activist organization part of the Chicano Movement. Denver played a critical role in the movement, making it a prime location for the Crusade’s headquarters.


-written by Molly Kimbley



Crusade for Justice Bomb Conspiracy

On March 1973, the second floor of a building (owned by the Crusade for Justice members) adjacent to the Crusade center exploded. This was due to the Luis Martinez’s death after two Denver Police shot him in an alley. Two members (John Haro and Alberto Mares) of the Crusade for Justice were accused for the explosion. Written by: Laura Mercado

Carlota Espinoza’s “Mexican Heroes”

Carlota Espinoza was not only a muralist, she was also an activist. She was involved with Crusade for Justice in the Chicano Movement in the 1960s. The Mural "Mexican Heroes" 1966 portraying Mexican Heroes like: Pancho Villa and Benito Juarez was hung at the Crusade for Justice center. Written by: Laura Mercado


Carlos Santistevan examines artwork at Crusade building

This image shows the well-known artist Carlos Santistevan observing Chicano art at the Crusade for Justice Center. He was an activist in the Chicano Movement and a member of the Crusade, so this was likely not his first time at this building, and surely not his last. Santistevan would establish El Grito de Aztlan art gallery at this location. There is even some evidence to believe the featured image was taken while setting up for the gallery opening.   -written by Molly Kimbley

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