Denver Auditorium Arena

14th and Arapahoe

The Denver Auditorium Arena was an outdoor arena that opened on July 7, 1908. This arena fit 12,500 people. At the time of its opening, it was the second largest arena next to Madison Square Garden. This arena was originally used for all different types of activities and events from sports to concerts to conventions. This is where the Denver Rockets, later known as the Denver Nuggets, played their home games. The building was then demolished in 1990.


-written by Kathryn Gaskin


Led Zeppelin at Auditorium Arena

Led Zeppelin made the first American debut in Colorado at the Auditorium Arena. On December 26, 1968, Led Zeppelin opened for Vanilla Fudge. This was Led Zeppelin's huge break though performance internationally. The audience was prepared for a more bluesy performance but Led Zeppelin performed fully in mainstream rock. Led Zeppelin was originally not going to play at this venue. They figured that they sold out all of the tickets so they didn't need to add another act. The crowd did not know that Led Zeppelin was performing until they came onto the stage.   -written by Kathryn Gaskin

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