East High School

1600 City Park Esplanade

East High School is one of the oldest and biggest high schools in the Denver metropolitan area.  It was built in 1926 after “Old East High School” which opened in 1876 became too small for the growing number of students.  The school has been known to provide an excellent music program as well as speech and debate for it’s students dating back to the 1970’s.  Because of its age and recognitions, the East High building was declared an official Denver Historic Landmark in the early 1990’s.  The construction was $1,470,000, and the school was built as part of a citywide effort to modernize public buildings. One of its most visible features was it clock tower which stood at 162 feet high being visible from beyond a mile.


Written by: Kaleigh Coleman and Christian Powell



Three members of Earth, Wind and Fire attend East High School

Three of Earth, Wind and Fire's members all attended East High School during the same time period in the late 1960's and early 70's.  Larry Dunn (keyboardist), Andrew Woolfolk (flautist and percussionist), and Phillip Bailey (singer) all met while attending East High School.  Bailey, the eldest, graduated in 1969.  All of the East High alumni were brought into the bad by Maurice White after Earth, Wind & Fire had already achieved a moderate amount of success.  Though the band expanded into quite a troop at it's peak (around 40 or so members) these three remained beloved staples to the band and were all inducted into many different genre's Halls of Fame.   Written by: Kaleigh Coleman



Judy Collins graduates from East High School

Judy Collins graduated from East High School in 1957.  Promptly after receiving her degree, she began traveling around northern Colorado playing shows and networking.  She released her first album, Maid of Constant Sorrow, 4 years later at the age of 22.  She has said in later interviews that she owes much of her success to being constantly surrounded and supported by the arts while she was growing up in Colorado.  She specifically has referenced East High School's choir and theater programs to helping her progress as a musician as well as her father's local radio show.   Written by: Kaleigh Coleman


Neal Cassady attends East High School

Neal Cassady ran all over the streets of Denver as he grew up in a small home in a rugged area of Denver. He went to East High School although he never officially attained a degree. He was still seen as an important figure in the school as they honored him after his death by giving him an honorary degree. He eventually became a major figure in the beat movement, and was a major figure in many stories, as he was mentioned with the locations in the stories.Characters in stories were also based on his free and wild spirit which is why he was such an influential and important character. Written by: Christian Powell

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