El Chapultepec

1962 Market Street

El Chapultepec is one of Denver’s greatest treasures. Opened in December of 1933, right after prohibition was repealed, “The ‘Pec” began as mexican cantina, but found new life after the founder’s son in law took it over in 1958. His name was Jerry Krantz, and he had a deep passion for jazz. Under Jerry’s reign, “The ‘Pec” became a hotspot for the country’s hottest jazz musicians, housing performances by big names such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and more. The nationally recognized jazz club was also a favorite hangout spot for famous beat writer Jack Kerouac, and is still open today.

Written by Jonina Diele


Jack Kerouac and “The ‘Pec”

Kerouac and company would get drunk and/or high in the parking lot of the bar, then slump in the first booth when you walk in to listen to live jazz, according to Jerry Krantz, the late former owner. Kerouac and his friends rarely paid for anything; Krantz would also them to sit and enjoy the music for free. El Chapultepec hosted many famous musicians, such as Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, and even Bill Clinton. Written by Jonina Diele

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