El Grito de Aztlan

1567 Downing Street

Established in 1968, El Grito de Aztlan was Denver’s first Chicano art gallery. The Crusade for Justice Center shared its location with the gallery, allowing for the shared ideals to bridge activism and art.


-written by Molly Kimbley


Carlos Santistevan establishes Chicano art gallery

A product of his activism, El Grito de Aztlan was founded in 1968 by Denver's Carlos Santistevan. The gallery is a reflection of the Chicano Movement and a result of Santistevan's own self-determination. El Grito was not something he heard of until his involvement with the Crusade for Justice, but would clearly prove to be significant to him. For Santistevan, its meaning came to be a proclamation of oneself, from where we came from to who we are.   -written by Molly Kimbley

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