My Brother’s Bar

2376 15th Street

My Brother’s Bar is a Denver staple–in operation since the 1870’s (under many names), it’s the city’s oldest continually operating bar. It was a favorite hangout for some Beat Generation greats, and is the home of an infamous letter sent by Neal Cassady (while he was in jail) asking a friend to close a tab he’d left open at the joint. Interestingly enough, the bar has nearly no promotion: it’s website is simply a blank web page with an address on it, it has no social media presence, and the place doesn’t even have a sign on it. But, with a reputation like this one, the bar surely doesn’t need it. Word on the street is that Brother’s, as locals call it, serves up one of the best burgers in the city, and is undoubtedly a favorite spot for natives.

Written by Jonina Diele



Neal Cassady and My Brother’s Bar

My Brother's Bar, or "Brother's", as locals call it, is very well known for having been a Beat Gen hangout. Neal Cassady and company frequented here, although it was known as Paul's place in his day. It still stands as one of Denver's pieces of the Beat Generation world. Nestled modestly in the restroom hallway, you can still find the letter Cassady penned to a friend asking him to  take care of a tab the Beat Gen muse still had open at the bar. The letter reads, "I believe I owe  [My Brother's] about 3 or 4 dollars. If you happen to be in that vicinity, please drop in and pay it, will you?" Written by Jonina Diele

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