West High School

951 Elati Street Denver, Colorado 80204

In 1886, students in Denver Public Schools were separated between East and West High Schools and was for a time known as Franklin High School. Many of the priorities of West High School have adapted to meet modern requirements of students, nodding to the abandonment of Greek and Latin language studies. The population of this school is primarily lower class students of color.

~Amy Hernandez


Corky Gonzales West High School Walkout

Passion about the educational disparities for Chican@ student, Gonzales led a rally outside of West High School to support student activists. These 150 Chican@ students led a school wide walkout to protest corporal punishment and racial discrimination in their classrooms. Police violently reacted to the protest and beat students with billy clubs and shoved others to the ground. Over a dozen of the participants were arrested for the protest but only one was eventually convicted of any wrong doing. Gonzales was acquitted for assault. The police brutality associated with the protest incited subsequent protests in neighboring communities.

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