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Research and writing for Mapping Arts – Denver was completed during the course, “Geographies of the Arts,” taught by Lara Stein Pardo in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This course was taught in connection with the Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture (RAP Lab) at the University of Colorado.

Contributors include:

Kaleigh Coleman
Jonina Diele
Kathryn Gaskin
Amy Hernandez
Molly Kimbley
Omar Lopez
Laura Mercado
Christian Powell
Philip Ramos


Thank you to the University Libraries at the University of Colorado, and especially to Alexander Watkins for working directly with our class. Thank you also to Alison Hicks and Caroline Sinkinson for initial research and technology support.


Blackbird volunteers include Tayana Hardin, Alissa Stein, and Jennifer Miranda.


The Mapping Arts – Denver is made possible, in part, with the support of Denver Arts & Venues’ IMAGINE 2020 Fund, the Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture at the University of Colorado, and Blackbird Arts and Research.

Images and research support provided by the Denver Public Library, University of Colorado, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Library of Congress, and individual contributors.



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