Harry Belafonte

Born in New York, actor, musician, and activist, Harry Belafonte’s music blends Caribbean folk music with American pop sounds. Belafonte, who is sometimes called the “King of Calypso,” has Jamaican and Martiniquan ancestry and lived in Jamaica for a time as a child. In 1956, he released his first album, Calypso, which included “The Banana Boat Song (Day-O).” Since then Belafonte has continued to produce music, act in film and theater, and stand up for causes he feels strongly about through activism.



Harry Belafonte performed at Cafe Pompeii

In 1955, Belafonte performed at Café Pompeii in the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach. With segregation in full effect, it was common for black people to stay in hotels in Miami after performing in Miami Beach. During this tour, however, Belafonte stayed on the premises and used all of the facilities, becoming the first black person in Miami’s history to spend the night at the hotel. 

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