Clay Hotel

1438 Washington Avenue

The Clay Hotel is located on charming EspaƱola Way in Miami Beach. It was designed by architect Robert Taylor and built in 1925. It is a hotel and hostel that still welcomes guests today.



Bunny Yeager photographed Bettie Page in Key Biscayne

Bunny Yeager photographed Bettie Page on a beach in Key Biscayne. The photograph shows Page wearing a cheetah bikini made by Yeager herself.



Desi Arnaz at the Clay Hotel

Desi Arnaz, who rose to prominence as the lead actor and producer of the I Love Lucy show, led his own band and often played at the Clay Hotel. As the story goes, Arnaz started the rhumba craze in Miami Beach in the 1930s, leading revelers out of the hotel and onto EspaƱola Way and Washington Avenue. The Clay Hotel was built in 1925 and still welcomes guests today.

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