Pencil Pines

8101 SW 53rd Avenue

Robert Frost purchased two US Assembly prefabricated cottages in 1941. They were were shipped by rail from New England in order to set up his home in South Miami. Coconut Grove carpenter Ralph Lamb performed the construction work, and connected the two cottages with a picket fence on the property.¬†Frost called this home “Pencil Pines,” inspired by the tall Dade County Pines on the property. The home is designed in Florida vernacular style, has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and various outdoor spaces including balconies and porches. It was recently renovated by a Miami-based architecture firm, Urban Architects.


Robert Frost lived in a home called Pencil Pines

Robert Frost spent winters at his home called Pencil Pines. He lived here while teaching classes at the University of Miami. The tall Dade County Pines on the property inspired his poem, "Pencil Pines."

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