Temple Israel

137 NE 19th Street

Temple Israel was founded in 1922, and has been in its current location since 1928. It was originally located on Biscayne Boulevard and 13th Street. Now, it is located on NE 2nd Avenue and 19th Street. Temple Israel was founded to meet the needs of a Jewish community in Miami that was seeking a reform congregation, with services and traditions that were less structured than what was available in Miami at the time. By 1927, 216 families were members of the synagogue. In the same year, Rabbi Jacob H. Kaplan joined the congregation as its first full time rabbi. Throughout the synagogue’s history, there has been a focus on social action and on remaining a presence in the central area of the city. Temple Israel remains active today, and part of the vision statement reads, “We are a 21st century urban synagogue with a longstanding tradition of being at the forefront of social change, supporting the struggle for civil and human rights for all.”

1930s - 2010s


Ruth Greenfield is a member of Temple Israel

Ruth Greenfield has been a member of Temple Israel for eighty years. She also coordinated music performances at the temple.

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