Carlos Aguilar

Carlos Aguilar was born in Michoacán, Mexico, and lived with family members in several Mexican states before coming to the United States as a child... Read More »

    Roberto Del Hoya

    Roberto Del Hoyo is a South Los Angeles native who graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts,... Read More »

      Kimberly Duran

      Kimberly Duran, also known as “5hmi,” is a muralist native to Santa Ana, California. Her experience as a first-generation... Read More »

        Ben Eine

        Ben Eine began his artistic career in London, where he taught himself in his early work of illegal street art. Eventually, his art became popular... Read More »

          Federico Medina

          Federico Medina is a native Santa Ana photographer. Trained in graphic design, he discovered his true passion in 2015 through his Canon 5D model... Read More »

            Roger Reyes

            Roger Reyes, also known as Roger Eyes, is a local Santa Ana multi-media artist that has been active in the art community since the early 2000s. Reyes... Read More »

              The Heavy Collective

              The Heavy Collective consists of two artists, Kimberly Duran and Bud Herrera. Formed in 2013, they have created artwork throughout Orange County, the... Read More »

                Emigdio Vasquez

                Emigdio Vasquez (1939-2014) was born in Jerome, Arizona, to Mexican immigrant parents. In 1941, his family moved to Orange, California, where he... Read More »