E. Vernon Scott

A native of Providence, E. Vernon Scott was an integral part of the Baltimore music scene during the 1920s. While in Baltimore, he attended Morgan College where he was violin instructor to college students and youth throughout the city. A talented violinist, he went on to attend the Rhode Island School of Design during the early 1930s, where he was an active member of this institution’s orchestra. Not much is known about his later life and musical career except that Providence radio stations frequently played his music and that he married a woman named Helen E. Notis sometime in 1940. Although he was not well known like other artists featured in this digital map, such as Sissieretta Jones or Valaida Snow, he nonetheless made his mark on the history of Providence’s black artistic scene. Such lesser known artists are nevertheless important to include in this map.

-written by Felicia Bevel



E. Vernon Scott Attends RISD

E. Vernon Scott studied violin at the Rhode Island School of Design during the early 1930s and was an active member of this institution's orchestra. -written by Felicia Bevel

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