Freddie Scott

Born in 1933 in Providence, RI, Freddie Scott began his musical career singing with his grandmother’s gospel group, Sally Jones and the Gospel Keys. At the age of 12, he toured with them in England before returning to the United States. He began studying medicine at the University of Rhode Island and later Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, but gave up his medical career when he began singing with the Swanee Quintet Juniors. In 1965, Freddie crossed over from gospel to secular soul and signed to Zell Sanders J&S label to debut his solo single, “Running Home”. Early on, Freddie focused on his superior songwriting skills, but soon began to sing more often as his smash hit single, “Hey Girl” reached the Billboard Top 10 in September of 1963. With this accomplishment, Scott became the first Rhode Islander to reach the Top 10. This soulful crooner died on June 4, 2007 at the age of 74, but his legacy follows him today.

– Jeanine Mason