Hillsgrove Country Club

2100 Post Road

Known as one of the largest and most exclusive of its kind in New England, the Hillsgrove Country Club was established sometime in the early 20th century. At one point owned by the Italian immigrant Pasquale Testa, its popularity in the 1920s and 1930s was due to the appearance of such performers as Johnny Hudgins for extended periods. It was purchased in 1938 by the Sholes family, who turned the club into a skating rink. Because of its close proximity to the T.F. Green Airport, the Sholes family decided to transform the skating rink into a 169-room Hampton Inn and Suites in 1999. This decision was not popular among many locals, for whom the rink had been a site of community development and belonging during their childhood and young adulthood.

-written by Felicia Bevel



Johnny Hudgins Performs at Hillsgrove Country Club

Starting in March of 1938, the blackface pantomime and vaudeville veteran Johnny Hudgins performs at the Hillsgrove Country Club for a 16-week engagement after having performed at the Southern Club in Boston. During this four-month-long routine, Hudgins was accompanied by songstress Doris Rheubottom, the Slim Eddie Avery dance team, and the Joe Nevils swing band. -written by Felicia Bevel

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