Pembroke College, Brown University

172 Meeting Street

While the Women’s College affiliated with Brown University was first operational in 1891, it took another six years before the school would grant women students a physical space associated with the campus, known as Pembroke Hall. Erected in 1897, Pembroke Hall was the first of a number of buildings that would serve as the heart of Pembroke College until 1971, when Brown University would include women students in the broader student body.

–written by Lydia Kelow-Bennett



Dance recital by Afro-Brazilian dancers at Pembroke College

The popular Yankee Traveler columnist Lydia T. Brown recalls a performance by dancers from the University of Brazil at Pembroke College on November 8, 1951. indicates that they "played drums of different sizes, gourds and tamborines," and provided "dance interpretations of Brazillian folk lore."

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