Lora Branch

Lora “Lori” Branch grew up in a large, conservative household on Chicago’s South Side. It was a space suffused with jazz and pop music, and a love for the church. She remembers that before becoming a DJ, she had attended several Vertigo parties with her friend Jean-Pierre Campbell, and that she would also accompany him on record buying trips to Wax Trax!. Branch says that Vertigo founder Eric Bradshaw knew that Campbell had amassed a significant collection of 12” singles, and that she was not only a music lover, but would draw a crowd because she was attractive. At his direction, Branch went to work, learning how to mix and program disco punk music under the tutelage of Craig Loftis’ friend José Gomez. She has held residencies at CK’s/Auggies’s, Shelter, Trade N Flavor, The Union, Paris Dance, The Cotton Club, and Red Dog and also spun at Estelle’s, Berlin, and Avalon.



Shopping at Wax Trax!

DJ Lora "Lori" Branch remembers taking the train up to Lakeview to purchase records in the early 1980s with her friend Jean-Pierre Campbell.

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