Daniel Salazar

Born in 1952 in Denver, Colorado, Daniel Salazar created visual art such as films and photographs eventually producing award winning documentaries of Chican@ subjects. His permanent collections reside in various cities such as Denver, San Francisco, and Austin though his resumé is available on IMBD He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder and went on to work in Su Teatro and Razalas Studios in Denver where he continues to reside with his wife Maruca, the current director of el Museo de las Americas.

~Amy Hernandez


Daniel Salazar 1985 CHAC Award

As a movie maker, Daniel Salazar has produced, directed, and written various films, many incorporating his Latin@ identity and the experiences in this community. Along with painter and muralist, Manuel Martinez,  Salazar was recognized at a ceremony at the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council on August 31, 1985. Salazar received a Creative Arts Fellowship for filming "After Joaquin: The Crusade for Justice" following the efforts of Rodolfo Gonzales' accomplishments in creating the organization for the advancement for Latin@s in the 1970s. Salazar eventually went on to work at the Council and was quoted in the Westword as saying, "CHAC has done a really good job of introducing a certain kind of sensibility within the larger aesthetic." ~Amy Hernandez

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