John Flores

Painter, John Flores worked initially worked as a meat cutter before focusing on his painting just before the Chicano Movement. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Many of his paintings remain relevant to experiences of Chican@ subjects today and  have been donated to museums in Denver by his remaining family. His family prefers to live a quiet lifestyle following his death and prefer not to have media or public attention.

~Amy Hernandez


John Flores Art at Museo de Las Americas

In the weeks between February 17- May 26, 2013, Museo de las Americas held an exhibition called The Legacy Project where they presented paintings and other artworks by various Chican@ artists. The exhibit was curated by Maruca Salazar and included artwork from her husband as well as other artists active in the 1970s. Some of John Flores' paintings were donated to the exhibit by his family.  Other artists included: John Encinias, John Flores, Ernie Gallegos, Arlette Lucero, Stevon Lucero, Carlos Martinez, Emanuel Martinez, Daniel Salazar, Carlos Sandoval, and Fransisco Zuñiga. ~Amy Hernandez

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